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EarMen Sparrow MQA

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Earmen Sparrow

Wzmacniacz słuchawkowy, przedwzmacniacz, DAC


Kieszonkowy przetwornik cyfrowo-analogowy USB + przedwzmacniacz + wzmacniacz słuchawkowy o wysokiej wydajności, kompatybilny z urządzeniami mobilnymi Apple® i Android™.


•      Zbalansowane wyjście 2.5mm o mocy do 4.0 Vrms

•            Odtwarza 32bit/384kHz formaty: PCM, DoP, DSD64, DSD128 oraz MQA


•            Obsługuje odtwarzanie z iPhonów, smartfonów z systemem Android, MacOS i komputerów z systemem Windows


•            Jego sercem jest legendarny przetwornik dźwięku SABRE®DAC z modulacją HyperStream®II, który zapewnia najwyższą jakość dźwięku.


•            Sparrow dostarcza dźwięk aż do zestawów słuchawkowych, z napięciem wyjściowym do 4,0 Vrms, zapewniając dużo miejsca dla wymagających słuchawek.

EarMen Sparrow | Headphone Reviews and Discussion - Head-Fi.org




With more and more people going to phones as their primary listening device, the dongle has become the hottest thing in portable audio with every maker trying to produce an offering that distinguishes itself from a now very crowded field of competitors. The Sparrow offers a very small package with interchangeable cables which I like as it means no need for an adapter like the dragonfly or others require. To me, requiring an adapter kind of kills the notion behind a dongle of effortless portability. The problem generally associated with tiny packages is they limit how much functionality one can reasonably expect. The Sparrow chooses to omit any form of volume controls and rely on the source device instead and concentrates its efforts on packing a flagship dac in the mix. I think we will probably see a flurry of ES9281Pro based dongles in the near future as ESS designed this chipset specifically for the portable market, but I have to think that some of the magic in the balanced output of the Sparrow is home grown and due to Earmen’s careful matching of other components inside the tiny device. With 32/384 PCM, DSD128, and MQA support all native, most wont have any problems with unsupported formats. With Roon Support, Tidal Masters, and Qubuz support, streaming options are well covered. (For the record spotify and Amazon music worked fine too). And to top it all off, the balanced output had enough potency to run even my HD800 well. At $199, the Sparrow may eat a lot more than Dragonflies. Like the TR-amp before it, I think Earmen got nearly everything right except the price point which could have easily been $100 higher. Let’s don’t tell their Accounting department and hope that trend continues shall we?






EarMen with the Sparrow promised a lot but they also delivered in all possible ways. For only $199 you get a US/EU product with a single ended as well as a balanced output, and especially the latter one is magical.

The Sparrow is an affordable and tiny device which you can carry around with you at all times. Just hook it up to your phone or laptop and be amazed how good it sounds.

The Sparrow is a very easy product to recommend at this price point, and it joins the best of the best on our Recommended DAC/AMP buy list. The DragonFly Cobalt does stay in there as well for the moment as it still has a very good single ended output, which is differently tuned than the Sparrow’s.

If however you want a small, portable DAC/AMP with a balanced output, there’s no doubt at all about which one to get.






EarMen Sparrow is a truly portable device you can carry around in your pocket. Knowing this, we usually apply a lower set of standards the device has to measure up to. Over the single-ended output, Sparrow fulfills these with flying colors, matching and even surpassing the aging competition. Switch to its balanced output, however, and it surpasses the expected in the most spectacular way. While you still can’t expect physics to suddenly bend and this tiny unit to pour incredible amounts of power, the sheer sound quality to size ratio is just astonishing.

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Jestem ciekaw bardzo Jaskółki i porównania do S1. Jakby ktoś nabył Earmana i chciał na kilka dni posłuchać Lotoo, a potem odwrotnie, chętny jestem do współpracy.

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