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Found 2 results

  1. Nadchodzi iBasso DX120. Trochę wstępnych, ale jeszcze nie potwierdzonych informacji: 1. Design Stylistically the DX120 images show a device that seems to share some similarities with Hiby Music’s upcoming R6 DAP. This also suggests a total departure of iBasso’s iconic large 3-button design as seen on the DX80, DX90, and DX120, and more in line with the DX200. It seems as though the body will be metal. 2. Colours Previously, iBasso followed the same colour phelosoph as that of Ford with the Model-T…”you can have any colour, as long as it’s black”. This time around, it seems that there will still be a black variant available, along with a blueish colours model. 3. Ports On of the first things to notice is that iBasso have kept the dual card-slot design. If supported, this should allow you to easily carry around half a Terabyte of music with you. Other ports include a micro-USB port (no USB-C) and an SPDIF port. Standard 3.5mm headphone output and Line Out outputs are present, and apparently there is also a 2.5mm balanced output too. Output power has been suggested to be around 200 MW @ 32 ohm for the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, and roughly 500 MW @ 32 ohm for the 2.5mm balanced output. 4. Under the Hood Apparently at the heart of the DX120’s audio goodies is an AK4495EQ DAC chip. It’s unclear if the device will be running a full flavour of Android, or another variant of iBasso’s proprietary Mango firmware. Cena 300$. Sales will start around November/December 2017
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