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ALO Studio Six na AVS 2018

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ALO Studio Six - kolejna nowość, która pojawi się na targach. Specyfikacja robi wrażenie :) 


Headphone impedance compatibility range:

8 Ohms to 600 Ohms

Maximum rated output power:

1,000 milliwatts into 8 to 32 Ohms

Amplifier input impedance:


Amplifier input Voltage for full-rated output voltage into various headphone impedances:

1.00V RMS  input for 4.0V RMS output into   16 Ohms

1.30V RMS  input for 5.7V RMS output into   32 Ohms

1.70V RMS  input for 7.5V RMS output into   75 Ohms

1.85V RMS  input for 8.3V RMS output into 150 Ohms

1.70V RMS  input for 8.2V RMS output into 300 Ohms

1.65V RMS  input for 8.1V RMS output into 600 Ohms

THD+N (1kHz input) at 1V RMS output into stated load impedances:

32 Ohms: 0.26%

150 Ohms: 0.12%

THD+N (1kHz input) at 250 milliwatts output into stated impedances:

32 Ohms: 1.0%

150 Ohms: 2.0%

Frequency Response -3dB (Referenced to 1kHz, 250 milliwatts output) into stated impedances:

32 Ohms:   6.0Hz to 39kHz

150 Ohms: 16.5Hz to 36kHz

Frequency Response -1dB at full-rated (2.83V RMS) 1,000 milliwatt output into 8 Ohms:

15Hz to 20kHz

S/N Ratio:

78dB (unweighted) below full 2.83V RMS output into 8 Ohms


Sprzęt się grzeje: 


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