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High End Munich 2019

The HIGH END® as a global showcase for the audio industry

From May 9 to 12, 2019, visitors can obtain a glimpse into the future of entertainment electronics. The
HIGH END® will once again open its doors at Munich’s MOC Event Center and showcase the latest

developments in the audio industry. In what will already be its 38th consecutive year, this internatio-
nally renowned exhibition has firmly established itself as a global event over nearly four decades. This

year, Europe’s oldest trade fair of its kind will once again be delivering exciting new impetus for the
entire industry.

360° range of products and services
The exhibition allows a unique insight into the market of the entire international audio industry. The

HIGH END offers the whole variety of the audio market – from analog to digital. Proven analog tech-
nology is entering into new alliances with digital developments of recent years. Through the dramatic

evolution in entertainment electronics, ushered in by digitalization and virtualization, streaming
continues to be widely popular.
Vinyl records are of course being offered for sale again. Heavy vinyl discs that users can touch and
hold in their hands have been enjoying continuous growth now for years, after all, symbolizing an
oasis of peace in a hectic, high-tech world. Here, exhibition visitors can revel in a unique opportunity
to discover a wide range of musical gems and to pursue their passion of enjoying music without being
in a hurry.
Consumer electronics for all age groups and any budget
For large or small pocketbooks, young or older clientele, at the HIGH END, all music and equipment
aficionados can find what they are looking for. Naturally also on display are affordable entry-level
models for hi-fi novices. Consequently, the HIGH END offers the full range of hi-fi products, whether
it be small systems for those just getting started, headphones, turntables and, of course, the ultimate
peak of technical perfection. Die HIGH END is and will remain a trade fair for all music lovers.


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